Merchandising the Food in Your Store

Merchandising the Food in Your Store

Merchandising is key to any sort of retail food store or grocery store.  You want your customers to be able to have easy access to all of your food products, and you want those products to remain fresh so that you don’t ever end up wasting anything.

Here is a look at some of the merchandisers you might consider for your particular store, including what sort of stores they are best for.

Cold Cases

Especially if you’re looking for a seafood merchandiser, you will want to make sure that all of the seafood in it stays completely fresh.  Depending upon the size of your store and the amount of food you’re looking to merchandise, you might go with either a refrigerated or ice merchandiser.

Ice merchandisers tend to be a little smaller and more mobile, but you’ll also have to refill the ice regularly.  Refrigerated units make keeping the products cool easy, but they’re less mobile and take up more space.

Hot Cases

If you have food that is already prepared that you’re merchandising for your customers, you’ll need a hot case.  A hot case will keep the food warm while it is on display for your customers, ensuring that they don’t end up buying prepared food that is cold or stale.

seafood merchandiser

Combination Hot and Cold Cases

The best of both worlds, a combination hot and cold case will allow you to merchandise both your fresh foods and your prepared foods in one place.  This is perfect for those who have smaller stores with multiple products and want to be able to showcase them easily in one spot in their store.

Whichever cases you go with are going to depend upon the layout of the store and the types of products that you are selling.

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