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Keeping Your Eyes Beautiful And Healthy

Keeping Your Eyes Beautiful And Healthy

Eye health and care is critical, there is no other way of looking at it. (Sorry about the pun!). Your eyes must last for your entire life, and there is no alternative. There are things that you can do to maintain healthy eyes and the following will help.

A comprehensive dilated eye exam

In eye exams, lakewood wa eye care professionals will puts drop into your eyes to dilate the pupil. This allows the eyes to let more light in so the back of your eye can be examined for damage or disease.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is common advice, and a diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables helps to maintain eye health. It is not just carrots you’re looking for Omega-3, Lycopene and vitamins A,C and E.

Shades are not just cool – dude!

Shades protect eyes from ultra violet light which can cause irreparable damage. That’s why you don’t look at an eclipse.

Take a Break

Like anything else your eyes need a rest especially if you’re doing something repetitive or straining – like looking at a computer – take breaks.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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And its bad for them! Smoking leads to an increased risk of the really scary eye problems. Macular degeneration, cataracts and optic nerve damage are all at an increased risk when you smoke!

You are a part of keeping your eyes healthy. Treat them with the care they deserve. Don’t rub them as your mom always told you “don’t rub your eyes”. It is the easiest way to run dirt, dust and bacteria in.

Wash your hands if you’re going to touch your eyes. You literally can’t be too careful.

Lastly, make sure you get enough rest. They don’t call it shut-eye for nothing you know.